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Who are Uyghurs & why we should be worried about them?

Uyghurs are ethnically Turkish people living in the areas of Central Asia commonly known as East Turkistan. They practice a moderate form of Islam and lead secular lives. Though, in 1949, Chinese government occupied East Turkistan & named it as Xinjiang. Since then Uyghur community has become  a victim of torture and we should be worried about this fact that China is easily being able to harm the lives of Uyghurs on a daily basis.

The human rights violation is rapidly increasing against Uyghurs. Their girls are being forced to marry Chinese boys. Their beloved are Getting locked up in concentration camps and there is no light of hope for them.

Qatar’s withdraw from Chinese crackdown support.

“Taking into account our focus on compromise and mediation, we believe that co-authorising the aforementioned letter would compromise our foreign policy key priorities,” wrote Qatar’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva. “We wish to maintain a neutral stance and we offer our mediation and facilitation services.”

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A brave Uyghur girl seeking help and wants the world to know that four of her relatives are in China’s concentration camp.

According to @radiofreeasia Uyghur Service news, a Uyghur surgeon of Kashgar Second People’s Hospital was detained in an internment camp since 2017. 

Over a million Muslims in concentration camps. Check the link below 

The Uyghur Muslims are forced to identify as atheists.

An Uyghur girl forced to marry a Chinese boy.

Come forward to help humanity. Stand with Ugyhurs.


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