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Poor is not the part of development.

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The foundation of development is crushing the hard work and ruining the lives of poor only, the people who are solely responsible to get us what we show off and use in our daily life, we smile using these, we depend on these to get update from our friends & families, we are fully dependent on them. Yes, I am talking about the cellphone, and other electronic gadgets, but what about the people who are making these & getting only handful grains to survive in return?

The one example of such darkness is Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The second poorest country in the world and a backbone of something we are reading this article on. Why we need to mention this country? This country provides us the lithium batteries made by cobalt ( material to make lithium batteries) major global brands like Apple,Samsung, Microsoft,Sony, Dell use these batteries in their products and make everyone happy in the developing and developed world. Well, in the race of making money & to prove ourselves better than others, somehow we lost the humanity which could be quoted with many examples, we all stand for nature & animals to save them, which is equally important. However, most precious element of the planet is getting crushed and most of us are even not aware of it. We think, our family comes first which is absolutely true, but it is also true that the toy your kid is playing with is made by someone who is kid as well & never had a chance to play with it. Why we have this artificial money multiplier always in our minds, which keeps us busy in our lives only and emphasize our mind to devote more time in ourselves only, somehow I realized that more we are getting developed, more we are becoming inhumane, even when someone talks to us to think about the poor and third world countries we start counting our problems.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the country providing backbone to our digital needs and there is no one to help them to raise their voice. Development made us so cruel & self centered that we don’t even think about the other world where our brothers & sisters are starving and dying to get one time meal. We waste food without even thinking that someone on the other side of planet is fighting for the quantity we are wasting in every meal.

Please click the link below and help us to share this wherever we can, we share our selfies, our happy moments without even thinking about it. Do you know that there are some countries far away from technology and fighting for their daily needs to provide us the technology.

The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” Karl Marx.

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