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Kashmir: Midnight knocks, and arrests.

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Curfew in Lalchowk Srinagar Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi 12-08-2019

It’s been decades since Kashmiri people are facing the serious issues of cruelty against them. Indian government has betrayed humanity & Kashmir as they have violated every human right in the state, plus the illegal detentions, disappearances, killing with false labels. It’s not started just few years back, some of the generations were born with this fear and they have to live with this trauma. Indian government is not only killing Kashmiris but they have created a traumatic atmosphere for new generations in Kashmir, detention without reason is really normal in Kashmir, people are getting arrested from colleges, houses, markets,etc. Indian government has changed Kashmir into the biggest concentration camp ever. Every time they brutalize Kashmir they isolate it from the outer world. Why? Coz it would be easier for them to kill people without outer world’s interference.

The Kashmir is burning since decades and whole world is watching it burn.

Let’s raise together with Kashmir. #standwithkashmir #kashmir

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